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Found 5 results

  1. Darrell

    Fiverr Fail

    So I am well on my journey to becoming a youtuber and needed some ideas. So I tried to pay someone from fiverr to write me a script for a top 10 list. I kept it simpler and got a top 5 list for CNC machines and well here is what they delivered. Top 5 CNC woodcarving machines Intro: Hi guys! And welcome back to my channel Practice makes perfect. In today’s video, I’ll be telling you about the top 5 CNC woodcarving machines. So without making you guys wait any longer let’s begin. 5.SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer with GRBL Offline Control, Limi
  2. Ryan

    What's the best CNC?

    What's the best CNC? Not an easy question. It really depends on your needs. You are going to have ask yourself what you want to accomplish with your CNC. For most of us. We're hobbyist and want to create artistic signs and 3D work. This can be done with a vast majority of the hobbyist market machines and your really only limited by the size of your machine. Even so you can always tile as well, so for me it really comes down to how easy can I make this. I really want my machine to be efficient as possible. Turn and burn, popping out carvings as fast as possible with the least effort from me as
  3. So been trying to find the best way to create 3D reliefs because one of my priorities is to be able to do 3D carvings and not have to buy files from Esty. After a bunch of searching and trying, I think that I almost have it. Here's my first successful attempts at turning a 2d picture into something that can be carved on a CNC wood machine. Defiantly will need some tweaking and testing on an actual CNC, but it's a start and so far I feel pretty good about it. In the future I will be making a page tutorial and a YouTube video once I get it down and see it's actually successful. I know that when
  4. Darrell


    I decided to track updates and things in the calendar in addition to the blog so just ignore that for a while. Just starting this journey ya know.
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