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Found 2 results

  1. Darrell

    What is a V bit?

    If you are a hobbyist, then chances are you've heard of the term "v bit" and maybe even have one or two in your toolbox. But do you know what they're for? V bits are used for cutting metal in tight spaces where large cutters can't fit. They come in different shapes to suit various jobs from drilling holes to making chamfers. If you don't have any v bits yet, it might be time to grab some! What does it do and how does it work? The v bit is designed for drilling holes in wood or metal. It can be used to create large countersunk holes and cutouts, as well as smaller lines that are perfect f
  2. Darrell

    Back at it again

    Well I am back at it again. Need to add a bunch of stuff to this site and get working on it. I got a notification that my CNC has shipped so it should hopefully be here this weekend. Here's hoping. Things I want to focus on today is adding some more clubs and maybe adding a few pages of actual content. This site is so bare its not funny. I really am excited about starting to make some videos. I am planning on getting a pretty sweet semi expensive camera which I decided I was going to sell some of my stocks to buy but its been a couple of red days so hopefully it rebounds tomorrow because I tol
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