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So been trying to find the best way to create 3D reliefs because one of my priorities is to be able to do 3D carvings and not have to buy files from Esty. After a bunch of searching and trying, I think that I almost have it. Here's my first successful attempts at turning a 2d picture into something that can be carved on a CNC wood machine. Defiantly will need some tweaking and testing on an actual CNC, but it's a start and so far I feel pretty good about it. In the future I will be making a page tutorial and a YouTube video once I get it down and see it's actually successful. I know that when searching for this type of stuff, it was extremely difficult to find anything useful for turning 2d into 3d easily and free. Below is the original image, a top view of the relief, and then a ISO view in CARVECO Maker. 

3D CNC Wood Carving 2.png

3D CNC Wood Carving.png


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used an engraving bit 30 degree. 3x2.3 not too bad but defiantly not great. Still excited the way it ultimatly came out. I might try it again when i get my ball nose bits and try it on a larger piece of wood to see if i get more detail in the face. Just gotta remember this is a learning curve and i will get the hang of it sooner or later.


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